Saturday, October 17, 2009

Unique Log Training Movements

Many times a new student will have a strange look on their face when we perform some of our log training exercises. It is a typical thing for this to happen to a student participating only in log training or to a new student of the Nabard Combat System. In each case, these students have not experienced the more dynamic ranges of motion or the unique movements associated with the Nabard Combat Systems weapons. I have tried to explain this to the new students before their first class, but it has always been better received after a class is complete and the student has experienced the movements and motions first hand. Once they have seen an entire class doing the movements as they are trying themselves, it just makes more sense to them through a connection. In the end there is always some amount of surprise at how much sense the movements now make and how much fun it can be.

A few examples of our log training movements relate to our Nabard Combat Systems weapons are included below:

Butterfly Sword Blocks - Nabard Short Logs

Butterfly Sword Attack Around the Head - Nabard Clubs

Butterfly Swords Forward Thrusts - Nabard Clubs

Stay tuned for more to come...

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Watching a Sparring Class...

Normally I take part in every sparring class that I can. Not only is the sparring class the culmination of everything that we are learning and have been training for, but it is also where we are to push ourselves beyond our current boundary limitations that we put upon ourselves.

Well today I had to participate in an all day meeting in Biloxi, which is almost 2 hours from Pensacola. We departed for Biloxi at 6:30 am and I arrived back in Pensacola at 5:00 pm (which is when sparring class began). Not anticipating being able to participate, I did not have my uniform or shoes with me. Never-the-less, I wanted to go to class and observe others and learn from them. What I learned was interesting:
  1. When you are not exhausted, you can really observe others pretty closely.
  2. It is a lot of fun cheering on your friends and encouraging them to open up and do more.
  3. Observation can teach a lot!
Not only was I enjoying myself, but I was able to closely watch everyone and see from a "different eye". By this I mean that I was not focused on catching my breath while observing. However I was able to truly observe what was working for some and not so much for others. Although I knew this already, I really "saw" how those people that did not move so well from exhaustion or less experience really were hit much more often and were unable to control the outcome as well.

Master Safakhoo has often said that in order to control the situation, you must first "not get hit". If you are getting hit, then you are vulnerable. That is why we have practice drills or reaction training. These drills are to teach us to "not get hit". If we move correctly, we reduce the exposure to hitting and can therefore control the outcome more easily. Through our movement, we are also able to quickly adjust and adapt our attacks further increasing our ability to control the situation. This is also the reason that some of our drills are set up to make us overcome our lack of control. If we can block with control faster that the other person is able to punch and kick, we can then take control of the situation.

All of this from observing a sparring class. I encourage everyone to observe someone else whenever possible. You can learn a lot by watching and studying someone else.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Log Training Review (week ending 10/01/2009)

This week there were a number of new students that joined in on log training for the first time.  Some of them were first exposed to log training last weekend at the Power Expo in Fort Walton Beach.  At the conclusion of their classes, each one talked about how fun and engaging log training was for them.  Some were very surprised at how log training was able to provide such a total body workout with only a few devices.  Each time they were smiling and sharing the virtues of what our training has to offer.  Once again it was a pretty exciting week in Nabard Log Training.