Saturday, December 12, 2009

How We Can Best Describe Nabard To Others

As discussed amongst ourselves and with Master Safakhoo;

We as martial artists are limited by our experiences and tend to categorize martial arts based on the characteristics of the main players: Wushu, Tai Chi, Judo, Taekwondo, etc.)These styles are obviously unique and identifiable by characteristics such as Wushu's acrobatics, Teakwondo's kicking, Judo's throwing, or Tai Chi's slow deliberate movements. Upon analysis however we realize that all martial arts are identifiable as martial arts because they share more similarities than differences- they are all the human expression of defensive and offensive strategies, through the limitations of human anatomy: we each have 2 arms, hands, legs and feet.

The human body has specific capability- when applied in defensive or offensive maneuvers in combat; those movements create a martial art. Though all arts share similar kicks and punches, it is the concept of each art which makes it different and by which each martial art is distinguished. The concept of the art lies in the way the practitioner is taught to comprehend a combat situation and apply the limited defensive and offensive movements of the human body in order to survive.

Though Nabard has many differences, they may not be obvious at first glance- kicks are kicks and punches are punches. Just as its fellow martial arts, Nabard differs primarily in concept. The Nabard concept states that rules limit the instinctive response to survive by programming a practitioner to limited action- in Nabard, definitions are not given to each movement and there is no distinction between defense and offence. Nabard is designed to be a multifaceted style which offers the ability to react and adapt at any angle and to any situation. Practitioners are taught to think in spherical terms rather than linear terms. This allows the Nabard practitioner to intentionally interchange various blocks, strikes, grabs, and throws in order to manipulate an opponent.

If you would like to know more about the Nabard style, please visit the website. You will find a philosophy section as well as a history section which will provide you with more information.

Nabard Combat Website
Nabard Fitness Website

Finally Back to Normal

Well, Michelle and I, along with the warrior, have been back in Pensacola for a week after our trip to Vegas. We are just now starting to feel like normal. While in Vegas, we were fighting off the effects of a 2 hour time difference, the desert climate, and the long hours associated with the conference I was attending. It is amazing how one can hope and long for the intense humidity that we have here in Pensacola when it is no longer present.

Now that we are recovered, we are looking forward to once again progressing our studies in Nabard in earnest.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Back in Pensacola

We are back in Pensacola. I just dropped the warrior off at the academy. I think he was ready to be home. He had a long trip afterall. He did say that he enjoyed it and asked to go on the next trip as well. So, we shall see where the warrior's travels takes him in the future. I wonder if he got photos of that alien planet?

High in the sky over Nevada

The warrior is enjoying the flight home so far. We have been in the air about 15 minutes now and at an altitude if 15,000 ft. The warrior says that we are traveling much slower than his last "flight" which took him to the stars.

Saying so long to Vegas

After a few exciting days, we are all saying so long to Vegas. The warrior has a lot of exciting stories, but I don't know if he can tell us about them after he leaves Vegas. I will try to get him to share these with me before flying out so that I can share with everyone else. He is getting a little defensive as I inquire about his late night trip down to the casino alone. We shall see.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Exploring the town on the last night

The trip to Vegas turned out to be quite an adventure for the warrior. He had fun in the different hotels and casinos, took care of some rufians in a tram, met some aliens and traveled the stars with them while taking Nabard to the the outer realms. The warrior also found some strange folk here on our own planet. He also won some, and he lost some. So tonight he is just hanging out with Michelle and I taking a trip down to Freemont Street while riding "The Deuce".

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Deep within an exotic adventure

In an effort to "keep the adventure going" the warrior decided to go on a search for the extreme here on our home planet. We ended up in this unknown place with strange catwalk structures, exotic females, and warrior males. The shadow warrior just smiled and said "This is where I belong!"

Back from the home planet...

I was a little worried when the warrior wasn't back at the room when we awoke this morning. I did find him as I was headed to breakfast. He was in the "sports" room taking in all of the odds. His memory was a bit fuzzy from the night before, but he said Nabard is now interstellar. He put a sticker on the back of the starship...

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Taking Nabard to the stars above

Well the warrior met these aliens here in Vegas. Strange how that happened. You see they were watching the tram car incident with the rufians and decided that they needed to take Nabard back to the home planet. So he is taking a little trip tonight. We'll report on his adventures later...

Clearing out the rufians

This action shot is at the end of a 432.7 degree spinning, summer-saulting, punch-kick combo. The evil rufians, which were the recipients of this devastating move, are now "asleep" on the floor just out of camera shot.

After a long day in training...

The warrior is ready to take on the Vegas strip again. Starting with
this obelisk.

Breakfast and a better mood

Well we all woke up a little tired. With the 2 hour time difference our schedules are thrown off a bit. The warrior was ready to go at 3:00 this morning but I had to convince him to wait a little. When we finally had breakfast he devoured this bannanna and muffin. It caused a bit of a scene, but security was able to disperse the crowd...

Monday, November 30, 2009

End of Day 1 Relaxation

It was hard keeping up the the warrior today. He just wanted to keep going and going. I guess that is due to all the training he does. In the end I was able to convince him to pace himself for the next 4 days. We are now winding down the day with some wine, beer, and blues.

Hanging out in the Venetian

Busting some moves on the marble floor and playing Q-bert on the floor when nobody is looking.

Ready for the games


Hanging out at the Luxor

Just hanging out with some old friends.

Time for the fun to begin

We are now in Vegas. Let the games begin!

Shadow Warrior Enroute to Vegas

After a small delay and a missed flight in Atlanta, the shadow warrior is over Arkansas at approximatley 35,000 ft. He is getting a little excited and won't stop talking about the slot machines.

Sitting in an airplane at PNS

The warrior woke up a little groggy, but made the flight from Pensacola to Atlanta...

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Follow the Nabard Warrior as he travels to Las Vegas

Follow along as the Nabard Warrior travels to Las Vegas with Michelle and I next week. I will post pictures of the places that he visits during this trip. These photos however will be the only glimpse allowed into this trip because we all know; "what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas...".

Thanksgiving Week & Schedule Correction

Well, Thanksgiving week was a little slow around the academy as expected. Many people were traveling out of town or feeling a little over stuffed. Next week however should be a bit different where there will likely be some guilt with regards to the amount of food eaten and the lack of exercising throughout the thanksgiving week. Time will tell how many of us fall into this category.

Schedule Correction: There was a communication error between Master Safakhoo and myself when I prepared the updated schedule of classes. A corrected schedule is shown below.

5:30 am - Nabard Combat
5:00 pm - Nabard Combat
6:30 pm - Log Training

5:30 am - Nabard Combat
5:00 pm - Nabard Combat

5:30 am - Log Training
5:00 pm - Nabard Combat - Sparring
6:30 pm - Log Training

5:30 am - Nabard Combat
5:00 pm - Nabard Combat

5:30 am - Log Training

9:00 am - Log Training

Sunday, November 22, 2009

A Continuation of My Last Post...Kind Of

Tonight I was engaged in a nice conversation with Master Safakhoo and Brian over coffee at Panera. Throughout our discussion we covered many topics. A few of those topics lingered with me more so than the others. These topics are included below for continued discussion and observation. They are, in a way, a continuation of my last post "Knowing Your Body...The Greatest Quest"

The first of these topics is "learning how to learn". All new students. I repeat; all new students, struggle with learning how to learn. Without fail, each new student experiences an inner feeling of failure at some point when they struggle with their body. Every new student quickly realizes that although attached to their body, the feet and hands are not always where you expect them to be. Through our training there is constant focus on the position of the feet, hands, head, and overall movement of the body. It is here where the frustration starts. When a new student focuses on the feet, the hands, head, or body is often problematic. The same can be said for each of the other parts. These problems can only be overcome by time and practice. The Nabard Combat style involves total body movements and therefore attention must be given to each part individually and within the collective as well. It is therefore a critical component of each student to learn how to learn. Preconceived ideas and the refusal to submit oneself to the exploration of their body positions and movements are the largest barriers to learning how to learn. I should also note that every new student experiences this issue, and it is for this reason that we are all so willing to help one another. We know how uncomfortable this can feel, and we also know how empowering it is when we make progress within ourselves.

The second topic is "working through the resistance". If a student stays completely within a comfort zone, then their growth is limited at best. Each student has their own set of limitations and while care should be given to prevent injury, the student should be continually pushing their own limits. It is through stretch-goals that a student progresses the most. Each student should constantly seek that next level in speed, weight resistance, stamina, and technique. Working through the resistance is critical for growth within Nabard Combat.

The final topic is "respect". Each student within Nabard must respect one another. Through mutual respect we all learn, even if we are responsible for the teaching of others. Respect is also crucial for trust, which is a requirement for true knowledge sharing between instructors and students. Without respect and trust, growth and progression of the student is severely limited. Respect for oneself is the most important of all however. If you do not respect yourself, how can others respect you?

These are but a few of the things we discussed tonight. I am sure there will be more thoughts similar to this as we move forward in our journey through Nabard Systems.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Knowing Your Body...The Greatest Quest

It has been a little over two weeks since my last post due to my work/life schedule being so busy. Well, now things are a little more normal and so here goes another post.

Today I was helping a few students during our Combat class and then in Log Training class as well. During my time with these students, each differing in time spent within our academy, I was able to see how much we rely on our developed ability to understand our body.

It first started when I worked with a new student who has participated in Combat and Log Training classes for a few months now. Although he still feels at odds with his body (most notably his feet), he is doing quite well. I worked with him for a while on his footwork at the end of Line 1 and tried to explain to him how I was able to feel when my feet were correctly positioned within a front stance. I explained how the pressure on my feet is noticeably different when my feet are turned in or out too much, and how the pressure feels against the outside arch of my foot when I am in a proper front stance. I explained that it comes from repeatedly focusing on how my body sends signals to my brain and that it becomes more natural and easy over time. After moving on to work on my own forms I observed him paying attention to his feet more closely and within a few minutes he was much more consistent with his stances and he looked much more comfortable as well. He still needs to continue working on his stances, but he picked up on it very well when he was made more aware of how to focus on his body.

My second exposure was when I was working on the fan technique with a fellow senior student. We were both reviewing our form and were helping one another with various parts of the form. Working with her in this situation provided a very different experience for me. Our hand, foot, and/or body position was more of a remembrance factor than a new discovery like a new student. We have each been exposed to the signals our body provides in these situations for quite a few years now, so it was much easier for us to rediscover and correct some of those form movements which were fuzzy to us for some reason or another.

Lastly, I was helping a very new student during our second class of the evening which was Log Training. She is a student of another martial arts style, and has recently begun taking classes within our academy. During this class, which was her very first Log Training class, she had some difficulty flowing into the training movements. This was not because of her fitness level. On the contrary, she is very fit. The difficulty however was due to the lack of experience with our movements and how she could not coordinate her body as well as she liked. In the end she confirmed the merits of our Log Training class, and is looking forward to her next class where she feels that she will perform much better. She also believes that our Log Training exercises will benefit her transition into Nabard Combat, which requires a lot of movement and fluidity that is not a part of her previous martial arts style. All of this confirmed to me that once we better understand how our bodies move, behave, and react, we are much more able to develop ourselves.

Each of these situations reinforced to me how important it is to know your body. Knowing your body does not come quickly, and not always easily either. Through continued exploration and self study, each of us can become much more than we are currently. Once a person becomes aware of this and accepts the inherent challenges therein, that person begins one of the greatest quests in life. This is the quest of constant improvement. Within this quest, a person realizes that the more they know and understand currently, the more there is to improve upon and the more there is still to learn.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Unique Log Training Movements

Many times a new student will have a strange look on their face when we perform some of our log training exercises. It is a typical thing for this to happen to a student participating only in log training or to a new student of the Nabard Combat System. In each case, these students have not experienced the more dynamic ranges of motion or the unique movements associated with the Nabard Combat Systems weapons. I have tried to explain this to the new students before their first class, but it has always been better received after a class is complete and the student has experienced the movements and motions first hand. Once they have seen an entire class doing the movements as they are trying themselves, it just makes more sense to them through a connection. In the end there is always some amount of surprise at how much sense the movements now make and how much fun it can be.

A few examples of our log training movements relate to our Nabard Combat Systems weapons are included below:

Butterfly Sword Blocks - Nabard Short Logs

Butterfly Sword Attack Around the Head - Nabard Clubs

Butterfly Swords Forward Thrusts - Nabard Clubs

Stay tuned for more to come...

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Watching a Sparring Class...

Normally I take part in every sparring class that I can. Not only is the sparring class the culmination of everything that we are learning and have been training for, but it is also where we are to push ourselves beyond our current boundary limitations that we put upon ourselves.

Well today I had to participate in an all day meeting in Biloxi, which is almost 2 hours from Pensacola. We departed for Biloxi at 6:30 am and I arrived back in Pensacola at 5:00 pm (which is when sparring class began). Not anticipating being able to participate, I did not have my uniform or shoes with me. Never-the-less, I wanted to go to class and observe others and learn from them. What I learned was interesting:
  1. When you are not exhausted, you can really observe others pretty closely.
  2. It is a lot of fun cheering on your friends and encouraging them to open up and do more.
  3. Observation can teach a lot!
Not only was I enjoying myself, but I was able to closely watch everyone and see from a "different eye". By this I mean that I was not focused on catching my breath while observing. However I was able to truly observe what was working for some and not so much for others. Although I knew this already, I really "saw" how those people that did not move so well from exhaustion or less experience really were hit much more often and were unable to control the outcome as well.

Master Safakhoo has often said that in order to control the situation, you must first "not get hit". If you are getting hit, then you are vulnerable. That is why we have practice drills or reaction training. These drills are to teach us to "not get hit". If we move correctly, we reduce the exposure to hitting and can therefore control the outcome more easily. Through our movement, we are also able to quickly adjust and adapt our attacks further increasing our ability to control the situation. This is also the reason that some of our drills are set up to make us overcome our lack of control. If we can block with control faster that the other person is able to punch and kick, we can then take control of the situation.

All of this from observing a sparring class. I encourage everyone to observe someone else whenever possible. You can learn a lot by watching and studying someone else.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Log Training Review (week ending 10/01/2009)

This week there were a number of new students that joined in on log training for the first time.  Some of them were first exposed to log training last weekend at the Power Expo in Fort Walton Beach.  At the conclusion of their classes, each one talked about how fun and engaging log training was for them.  Some were very surprised at how log training was able to provide such a total body workout with only a few devices.  Each time they were smiling and sharing the virtues of what our training has to offer.  Once again it was a pretty exciting week in Nabard Log Training.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Nabard Combat System: Speed, Rhythm, Effectiveness

This afternoon in my Nabard Combat System training class we were working on a bag technique.  Master Safakhoo was emphasizing that our reactions are often too exaggerated.  This got me to thinking. 

The tendency of students (especially those that are new) is to either over exaggerate our movements like we are in a movie (no offense JCVD), or to not move enough thereby not transferring power correctly into our punches and kicks.   As Master was saying, it is very important for us to move, but we must also do so with purpose.  We need to know not only where the punch or kick is intended to strike, but from where we start.  If we are over exaggerating our movements we have too far to move for our next strike.  If we move to little, our strikes are ineffective.  With the Nabard Combat System, the balance in the middle of these two extremes is crucial.  Fine tuning our movements so that we are where we need to be at all times not only means we have the opportunity to be faster, but we also have the opportunity to interchange our movements between strikes, grabs, and blocks.  Therefore, Master was focusing on our range of motion today, with particular emphasis on knowing your body position and where your arms and legs are at all times.

Another focus for students must be rhythm.  As a student becomes more comfortable with their body and the movements within the Nabard Combat System, the rhythm of their strike transitions must become more consistent and quicker.  By working on rhythm and consistent transitions, a student will shorten and eventually eliminate those small gaps between strikes which allow an opponent the time to adjust and/or take over.  That is why we start with 3 strike combinations then build up to a 12+ strike combination.  Start with a small combination then keep adding to it all the while maintaining and improving the rhythm and consistency of the strikes.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Emerald Coast Power Expo

Yesterday was an exciting day.  Master Safakhoo, Phillip, Liz, Michelle and I spent the day at the Emerald Coast Power Expo (link).  Actually Master Safakhoo, Phillip, and Liz spent all day at the expo.  Michelle and I spent half a day there after leading the log training class that morning.

It was a very exciting event for all of us.  We were able to share the uniqueness and wonder of log training with people from all over.  We were demonstrating and discussing log training by giving people hands on experience and it did not matter what background or training they possessed.  Each person was wowed by the simplicity, flexibility, and applicability of our logs.  We had very muscular body builders, power lifters, MMA fighters, boxers, and generally fit people that were participants and public alike explore and use the logs.  In each case, they were amazed and wanted to know how they too could have log training in their life.  Some of the body builders even took the logs back stage and used them to pump-up prior to their stage time. 

It was truly inspiring to know that we are at the forefront of a remarkable fitness program with incredible fitness devices (our logs)!  It was also kind of cool to impress the very muscular and powerful people with our typical exercises.  There were many expressions of surprise and wonder at what Master Safakhoo has provided the world of fitness and what we are already doing at the Nabard Systems Academy.  Let's keep this momentum going and help spread the word.  How cool is it going to be when as a current student you too can say that you have been there since the beginning?

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Log Training Review (week ending 09/19/2009)

This week Master Safakhoo and I changed up the log training routines a bit. We shifted around the order in which we used the logs to bring a bit of freshness to our classes and to also present a new set of challenges to our bodies. We also introduced a few new exercises in our constant and ongoing efforts to provide an invigorating total body fitness routine.

It was nice to see our new students welcomed by existing students and smiling after their first experiences with log training. It was also nice to see existing students pushing themselves with heaver logs, longer clubs, and increased focus on proper techniques.

We are continuing to push forward with Log Training and every day we see the positive changes to our bodies and our increased fitness levels. Keep up the good work, and we will see you next week!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Nabard Fitness Systems Log Training - Hand/Log Positions

With this post I will briefly describe the unique design of the Nabard Fitness System Logs. Unlike any other fitness device, the Nabard Fitness Systems Log allows full range of motion of the body by not trapping the user within a confined machine or limited path of motion. This freedom allows the body to utilize many muscles at once.

The design of the log itself takes the engagement of muscles during an exercise to another level. The off-center handle of the long log as well the off-set or extended handle of the short logs were designed into each device so that with proper technique and grip the user utilizes many muscles at once within a given exercise. Utilizing assistor muscles in addition to the major muscle groups creates a full body exercise that cannot be achieved with standard dumbbells, barbells, and other free-weight types of devices.

When properly gripped within the hand, the user resists the rotational forces acting upon the log introduced by the off-center or off-set (extended) handles. When gripped as intended, the user maintains the positional relationship of the log relative to the hand throughout the exercise and effectively shifts the center of gravity of the log further away from the hand or further up the arm from the hand depending on the chosen position. This change in the center of gravity relative to the hand forces many muscles to act in unison throughout the exercise creating a totally engaging and revolutionary approach to exercise and fitness.

Below are images illustrating how the design of the log handles allow for multiple hand/log positions thereby allowing for the targeting of different muscle groups over the entire body.

(Thanks Phillip for the photos)

Long Log - Horizontal Position

Long Log - Vertical Position

Long Log - Horizontal Position Reverse Grip (Curl)

Short Log - Hanging Position

Short Log - Horizontal Forearm Position

Short Log - Vertical Extended Position

Short Log - Vertical Forearm Outside Position

Short Log - Vertical Forearm Inside Position

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Nabard Fitness Systems

As mentioned in my first post, Nabard Fitness Systems was developed to support the unique physical demands of the Nabard Combat System developed by Marco Safakhoo. As any practitioner of Nabard Combat Systems will tell you, this system is demanding and requires physical abilities not typically emphasized in other martial arts or combat systems. The Nabard Combat System utilizes a multitude of movements and positions which have a variety of full range of motion and flexibility requirements. As a practitioner advances in this system these requirements become even more important.

Having said this, the need for a supportive fitness system was always an important and desired part of the overall Nabard Combat System. Over the years a number of exercises and devices were implemented into Safakhoo's training classes. Any practitioner can tell you that each session in the Nabard Combat System is different from the last and you never know what you are going to do. Typical Nabard Combat System training includes fitness, which is an integral component of our system.

Many of you have likely seen those instructors and students in other settings which are overweight and lack flexibility. This is not the case within our system due to the built-in fitness requirements utilized dailiy. Even new students quickly begin noticing changes in themselves as do their family members, friends, and coworkers.

- Now for Nabard Fitness Systems -

Through the years many different methods and tools were developed and used within Safakhoo's academies. Each of them became integrated into greater more encompassing devices and routines. All of them, which will receive a future post I'm sure, are important in the development of the Nabard Fitness Systems Log Training exercises.

Nabard Fitness Systems Log Training is Raw, Natural, Fitness at its best. Utilizing a full spherical range of motion, Log Training engages your body core during each exercise as well as other major and minor muscle groups. Key to this success is the emphasis on the minor or assistor muscles which are necessary for proper balance of your body and the log(s). No matter which particular exercise is being utilized, the practitioner is engaged on multiple levels.

After implementing Log Training into his Nabard Combat System sessions, Safakhoo quickly realized that people outside of the typical Nabard Combat System classes could benefit greatly as well. So special Log Training classes were scheduled and opened up to people outside of his Nabard Combat System classes. We currently have 1 hour classes four times a week and if class sizes continue to grow additional class times will become necessary. While our classes are 1 hour long, a user outside of our academy can achieve great results in shorter time durations with a home set of Logs.

Not detailed so far in my posts, are the Nabard Fitness Systems Logs. My next few posts will focus on each of them and provide more information on their revolutionary design, which has been submitted for patent.

Stay tuned for more information on the unique and revolutionary design of the Nabard Fitness Systems Log.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Nabard Combat System

As I mentioned in my previous post, the Nabard Combat System was developed over the course of Marco Safakhoo's life utilizing the ancient Persian approach to combat, known as Nabard. As a native of Persia, he utilized his opportunities to study this approach and observed numerous forms of combat from which he based the Nabard Combat System.

Safakhoo has now been sharing this combat system with others for almost 30 years within his academies in the Pensacola, Florida area. The Nabard Combat System has a primary focus on movement and instantaneous interchangeability which is a constant training point for his students. Through constant and deliberate motion the Nabard Combat System is an ever adaptable method of combat which presents an opponent with a insurmountable array of instantaneous targeted attacks, defenses, and adaptations.

With the Nabard Combat System Safakhoo's students acknowledge the full range of motion available with our human bodies. Realizing the full spherical range of motion available to our bodies is often a barrier to many other combat systems as they focus on and utilize rigid forms and postures which do little for real time life threatening situations. Many students that have experienced various other forms of martial arts comment on this and are often surprised by Nabard Combat System's focus in this area and therefore are also surprised by our ability to gain the level of results which we are accustomed to.

There will be many more posts to come that focus on the Nabard Combat System, but you can click this link to see more information currently available on Marco Safakhoo's website. (

My next post will provide more information on Nabard Fitness Systems ( which was developed to support the unique needs of the Nabard Combat System. Stay tuned for more to come.

Monday, August 10, 2009

First Post - Information on Nabard Systems

For an initial post, I thought it would be beneficial to explain a little bit about Nabard Systems created by Marco Safakhoo.

First of all, what is Nabard? Nabard as a term, means the "Persian art of combat". Nabard - The Persian Art of Combat, is designed as a war strategy and is based on multifaceted concepts and interchangeable techniques. See a full description here ( Being a native of Persia, Marco Safakhoo brought the underlying concepts to the United States and developed the Nabard Systems.

Nabard Systems originally began as a Martial Art most easily described as similar to Kung Fu. This martial art was developed solely within Safakhoo's academies and has become known as the Nabard Combat System. The Nabard Combat System consists of constant offensive and defensive techniques which are interchangeable with one another at all times. It is through constant movement and the instantaneous moments of change and decision making that the Nabard Combat System achieves success. There will be more to come in future posts on Nabard Combat Systems. For more information please check out our website at (

In conjunction with Nabard Combat Systems, Safakhoo developed the Nabard Fitness System to fully support the unique requirements of the Nabard Combat System. Through his years of developing and teaching the Nabard Combat System (almost 30 years at the time of this post), it became obvious that the available exercise techniques and devices were not able capture the essence of the Nabard Combat System and therefore did not achieve the results necessary to take his students to the levels necessary for success. Safakhoo therefore began exploring and studying the motions within his Nabard Combat System and developed a supporting exercise routine. Today that focused study and exploration has led to the creation of the completely unique Nabard Fitness System. Utilizing a number of fitness devices that Safakhoo invented (patent pending) a practitioner not only exercises the larger primary muscles of the body, but the very important smaller assistor muscles of the body. Through the total body exercises of the Nabard Fitness System, the practitioner fully prepares their body for the requirements of the Nabard Combat System. Although primarily developed as a supporting exercise to the Nabard Combat System, people of all ages and physical abilities have joined in on our unique and revolutionary exercise movement. For more information please check out our website at (

There is plenty more to follow. Be sure to continue reading our future posts.