Sunday, February 14, 2010

It comes to an end...slowly

Well our trip into DC is coming to an end, however slowly. Our subway ride was delayed and the warrior had to talk sense into the station manager. After a little one-on-one, the manager agreed that it was in everyone's best interest to get the subway running again right away. We are now approaching the final stop. The warrior tips hit head to DC upon his departure.

Sharing Words of Wisdom with Abe

The Log Warrior was really having a good time with Abraham Lincoln. They were sharing words of wisdom with one another for quite awhile until Abe realized that he was no longer paying attention to the public. After a brief head nod, Abe went back to the public audience.

King of the World!

It got kind of hectic there for a while. The Log Warrior was jumping up and down screaming "I'm King of the world!" over and over. It all ended quickly when the White House guards tackled the warrior and zip-tied his hands. He promised to act more calmly and the guards let him go. He is a celebrity after all.

Not quite a Rocky Balboa moment, but...

Ever wonder where the metal logs originated?

This tree started it all...

Hanging out with some old friends

Who knew that the warrior would find some old friends at the Smithsonian?

On the Mall

The Log Warrior made it. He is now taking in the sites of DC.

Deep under Washington DC

Well the warrior is a little bit excited. He is close to the sites of Washington DC.

Getting on the Metro to DC

The Log Warrior is a little upset with me. He wanted to take his logs into downtown and workout on the steps of the White House. I wouldn't let him and I tried to explain the security issues. He was still sad and as you can see he was pouting in this photo.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

A Log Angel

It was hard to concentrate on the last blog post with all of the noise coming from behind me. The Log Warrior was making a "log angel" in the snow and was creating quite a stir with all of his excitement. I warned him about the yellow snow. I hope he remembers.

Look at the snowman!

Well, we are staying with my uncle while in Virginia and the whole house woke up this morning to loud giggles and laughter from outside. As you will see in the picture, the Log Warrior made his first snowman and was very excited. He just can't stop talking about the snow.

Friday, February 12, 2010

That Sure is a Nas-Car!

The Log Warrior was really impressed with Dale Earnhardt's race car. He said "That sure is a nas-car".

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Not Quite Done Afterall...

Well we walked out of the restaurant and the warrior went missing. I found him in this snow pile on the side of the parking lot. He was having a blast in the snow. He kept saying "Look at me! Look at me! I'm climbing a snow mountain!"

Put a Fork in the Log Warrior

After a long day of driving and a visit with one of my family members in North Carolina, the warrior is done. He devoured his evening "breakfast", put his fork on the plate and said "NABARD".

Log Warrior Taking a Trip Up North

The Log Warrior is having his first lunch break on the trip up north. There will be stops and photos with monster trucks, race cars, and many more. Depending on the weather, there may even be photos from Washington DC. Maybe the warrior will toughen-up some of those folks on capital hill.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Cool New Logs Available

Check out the newest set of Logs available for Log Training. I have a set and they are much improved over the previous versions. They keep getting better and better!!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Why is Log Training So Important for Nabard Combat Training?

Log training is important for any number of health reasons. However, Log Training is also incredibly important for growth wihin the Nabard Combat System. Within the Nabard Combat System our movements and position changes require a high level of strength and dexterity. The further along you go in your training, the greater the need for increased strength and flexibility.

Log Training supports this need through targeted exercise routines and the specific muscular focus that each exercise offers. Although Log Training is beneficial to all, martial artists (especially those within the Nabard Combat System) really benefit from the exercise of the assistor muscles, grip strength targeting, and "off balance" position shifting. Each of these focuses provides the participant with increased ability to hold a sword or other weapon, quickly interchange blocks and strikes, and move the body in a more spherical range of motion. All of this is coupled with the increase in body core strength which is needed for overall good health as well as increased physical ability within a martial art.

Log Training is all inclusive and benefits us all more than immediately visible when observing a class.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Where Does the Word Nabard Originate?

A comment added anonymously to a post earlier asked where the term Nabard originates. As per the comment, the acronym for the National Bank for Agriculture Development in Inda is NABARD. However, Nabard is also the traditional Persian martial practice. For more information, follow this link ( which will take you to the official Nabard Combat System website where the brief quote below can be found within the history section.

"The Persians have a notable fighting practice known as Nabard, an exotic art of combat. The word 'nabard' (loosely translated as 'combat') was the term used to refer to traditional Persian martial practice."