Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Nabard Fitness Systems

As mentioned in my first post, Nabard Fitness Systems was developed to support the unique physical demands of the Nabard Combat System developed by Marco Safakhoo. As any practitioner of Nabard Combat Systems will tell you, this system is demanding and requires physical abilities not typically emphasized in other martial arts or combat systems. The Nabard Combat System utilizes a multitude of movements and positions which have a variety of full range of motion and flexibility requirements. As a practitioner advances in this system these requirements become even more important.

Having said this, the need for a supportive fitness system was always an important and desired part of the overall Nabard Combat System. Over the years a number of exercises and devices were implemented into Safakhoo's training classes. Any practitioner can tell you that each session in the Nabard Combat System is different from the last and you never know what you are going to do. Typical Nabard Combat System training includes fitness, which is an integral component of our system.

Many of you have likely seen those instructors and students in other settings which are overweight and lack flexibility. This is not the case within our system due to the built-in fitness requirements utilized dailiy. Even new students quickly begin noticing changes in themselves as do their family members, friends, and coworkers.

- Now for Nabard Fitness Systems -

Through the years many different methods and tools were developed and used within Safakhoo's academies. Each of them became integrated into greater more encompassing devices and routines. All of them, which will receive a future post I'm sure, are important in the development of the Nabard Fitness Systems Log Training exercises.

Nabard Fitness Systems Log Training is Raw, Natural, Fitness at its best. Utilizing a full spherical range of motion, Log Training engages your body core during each exercise as well as other major and minor muscle groups. Key to this success is the emphasis on the minor or assistor muscles which are necessary for proper balance of your body and the log(s). No matter which particular exercise is being utilized, the practitioner is engaged on multiple levels.

After implementing Log Training into his Nabard Combat System sessions, Safakhoo quickly realized that people outside of the typical Nabard Combat System classes could benefit greatly as well. So special Log Training classes were scheduled and opened up to people outside of his Nabard Combat System classes. We currently have 1 hour classes four times a week and if class sizes continue to grow additional class times will become necessary. While our classes are 1 hour long, a user outside of our academy can achieve great results in shorter time durations with a home set of Logs.

Not detailed so far in my posts, are the Nabard Fitness Systems Logs. My next few posts will focus on each of them and provide more information on their revolutionary design, which has been submitted for patent.

Stay tuned for more information on the unique and revolutionary design of the Nabard Fitness Systems Log.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Nabard Combat System

As I mentioned in my previous post, the Nabard Combat System was developed over the course of Marco Safakhoo's life utilizing the ancient Persian approach to combat, known as Nabard. As a native of Persia, he utilized his opportunities to study this approach and observed numerous forms of combat from which he based the Nabard Combat System.

Safakhoo has now been sharing this combat system with others for almost 30 years within his academies in the Pensacola, Florida area. The Nabard Combat System has a primary focus on movement and instantaneous interchangeability which is a constant training point for his students. Through constant and deliberate motion the Nabard Combat System is an ever adaptable method of combat which presents an opponent with a insurmountable array of instantaneous targeted attacks, defenses, and adaptations.

With the Nabard Combat System Safakhoo's students acknowledge the full range of motion available with our human bodies. Realizing the full spherical range of motion available to our bodies is often a barrier to many other combat systems as they focus on and utilize rigid forms and postures which do little for real time life threatening situations. Many students that have experienced various other forms of martial arts comment on this and are often surprised by Nabard Combat System's focus in this area and therefore are also surprised by our ability to gain the level of results which we are accustomed to.

There will be many more posts to come that focus on the Nabard Combat System, but you can click this link to see more information currently available on Marco Safakhoo's website. (www.nabardcombatsystem.com)

My next post will provide more information on Nabard Fitness Systems (www.nabardfitnesssystems.com) which was developed to support the unique needs of the Nabard Combat System. Stay tuned for more to come.

Monday, August 10, 2009

First Post - Information on Nabard Systems

For an initial post, I thought it would be beneficial to explain a little bit about Nabard Systems created by Marco Safakhoo.

First of all, what is Nabard? Nabard as a term, means the "Persian art of combat". Nabard - The Persian Art of Combat, is designed as a war strategy and is based on multifaceted concepts and interchangeable techniques. See a full description here (http://www.nabardcombatsystem.com/history.shtml). Being a native of Persia, Marco Safakhoo brought the underlying concepts to the United States and developed the Nabard Systems.

Nabard Systems originally began as a Martial Art most easily described as similar to Kung Fu. This martial art was developed solely within Safakhoo's academies and has become known as the Nabard Combat System. The Nabard Combat System consists of constant offensive and defensive techniques which are interchangeable with one another at all times. It is through constant movement and the instantaneous moments of change and decision making that the Nabard Combat System achieves success. There will be more to come in future posts on Nabard Combat Systems. For more information please check out our website at (www.nabardcombatsystem.com).

In conjunction with Nabard Combat Systems, Safakhoo developed the Nabard Fitness System to fully support the unique requirements of the Nabard Combat System. Through his years of developing and teaching the Nabard Combat System (almost 30 years at the time of this post), it became obvious that the available exercise techniques and devices were not able capture the essence of the Nabard Combat System and therefore did not achieve the results necessary to take his students to the levels necessary for success. Safakhoo therefore began exploring and studying the motions within his Nabard Combat System and developed a supporting exercise routine. Today that focused study and exploration has led to the creation of the completely unique Nabard Fitness System. Utilizing a number of fitness devices that Safakhoo invented (patent pending) a practitioner not only exercises the larger primary muscles of the body, but the very important smaller assistor muscles of the body. Through the total body exercises of the Nabard Fitness System, the practitioner fully prepares their body for the requirements of the Nabard Combat System. Although primarily developed as a supporting exercise to the Nabard Combat System, people of all ages and physical abilities have joined in on our unique and revolutionary exercise movement. For more information please check out our website at (www.nabardfitnesssystems.com).

There is plenty more to follow. Be sure to continue reading our future posts.