Saturday, December 12, 2009

How We Can Best Describe Nabard To Others

As discussed amongst ourselves and with Master Safakhoo;

We as martial artists are limited by our experiences and tend to categorize martial arts based on the characteristics of the main players: Wushu, Tai Chi, Judo, Taekwondo, etc.)These styles are obviously unique and identifiable by characteristics such as Wushu's acrobatics, Teakwondo's kicking, Judo's throwing, or Tai Chi's slow deliberate movements. Upon analysis however we realize that all martial arts are identifiable as martial arts because they share more similarities than differences- they are all the human expression of defensive and offensive strategies, through the limitations of human anatomy: we each have 2 arms, hands, legs and feet.

The human body has specific capability- when applied in defensive or offensive maneuvers in combat; those movements create a martial art. Though all arts share similar kicks and punches, it is the concept of each art which makes it different and by which each martial art is distinguished. The concept of the art lies in the way the practitioner is taught to comprehend a combat situation and apply the limited defensive and offensive movements of the human body in order to survive.

Though Nabard has many differences, they may not be obvious at first glance- kicks are kicks and punches are punches. Just as its fellow martial arts, Nabard differs primarily in concept. The Nabard concept states that rules limit the instinctive response to survive by programming a practitioner to limited action- in Nabard, definitions are not given to each movement and there is no distinction between defense and offence. Nabard is designed to be a multifaceted style which offers the ability to react and adapt at any angle and to any situation. Practitioners are taught to think in spherical terms rather than linear terms. This allows the Nabard practitioner to intentionally interchange various blocks, strikes, grabs, and throws in order to manipulate an opponent.

If you would like to know more about the Nabard style, please visit the website. You will find a philosophy section as well as a history section which will provide you with more information.

Nabard Combat Website
Nabard Fitness Website

Finally Back to Normal

Well, Michelle and I, along with the warrior, have been back in Pensacola for a week after our trip to Vegas. We are just now starting to feel like normal. While in Vegas, we were fighting off the effects of a 2 hour time difference, the desert climate, and the long hours associated with the conference I was attending. It is amazing how one can hope and long for the intense humidity that we have here in Pensacola when it is no longer present.

Now that we are recovered, we are looking forward to once again progressing our studies in Nabard in earnest.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Back in Pensacola

We are back in Pensacola. I just dropped the warrior off at the academy. I think he was ready to be home. He had a long trip afterall. He did say that he enjoyed it and asked to go on the next trip as well. So, we shall see where the warrior's travels takes him in the future. I wonder if he got photos of that alien planet?

High in the sky over Nevada

The warrior is enjoying the flight home so far. We have been in the air about 15 minutes now and at an altitude if 15,000 ft. The warrior says that we are traveling much slower than his last "flight" which took him to the stars.

Saying so long to Vegas

After a few exciting days, we are all saying so long to Vegas. The warrior has a lot of exciting stories, but I don't know if he can tell us about them after he leaves Vegas. I will try to get him to share these with me before flying out so that I can share with everyone else. He is getting a little defensive as I inquire about his late night trip down to the casino alone. We shall see.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Exploring the town on the last night

The trip to Vegas turned out to be quite an adventure for the warrior. He had fun in the different hotels and casinos, took care of some rufians in a tram, met some aliens and traveled the stars with them while taking Nabard to the the outer realms. The warrior also found some strange folk here on our own planet. He also won some, and he lost some. So tonight he is just hanging out with Michelle and I taking a trip down to Freemont Street while riding "The Deuce".

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Deep within an exotic adventure

In an effort to "keep the adventure going" the warrior decided to go on a search for the extreme here on our home planet. We ended up in this unknown place with strange catwalk structures, exotic females, and warrior males. The shadow warrior just smiled and said "This is where I belong!"

Back from the home planet...

I was a little worried when the warrior wasn't back at the room when we awoke this morning. I did find him as I was headed to breakfast. He was in the "sports" room taking in all of the odds. His memory was a bit fuzzy from the night before, but he said Nabard is now interstellar. He put a sticker on the back of the starship...

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Taking Nabard to the stars above

Well the warrior met these aliens here in Vegas. Strange how that happened. You see they were watching the tram car incident with the rufians and decided that they needed to take Nabard back to the home planet. So he is taking a little trip tonight. We'll report on his adventures later...

Clearing out the rufians

This action shot is at the end of a 432.7 degree spinning, summer-saulting, punch-kick combo. The evil rufians, which were the recipients of this devastating move, are now "asleep" on the floor just out of camera shot.

After a long day in training...

The warrior is ready to take on the Vegas strip again. Starting with
this obelisk.

Breakfast and a better mood

Well we all woke up a little tired. With the 2 hour time difference our schedules are thrown off a bit. The warrior was ready to go at 3:00 this morning but I had to convince him to wait a little. When we finally had breakfast he devoured this bannanna and muffin. It caused a bit of a scene, but security was able to disperse the crowd...