Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Nabard Combat System: Speed, Rhythm, Effectiveness

This afternoon in my Nabard Combat System training class we were working on a bag technique.  Master Safakhoo was emphasizing that our reactions are often too exaggerated.  This got me to thinking. 

The tendency of students (especially those that are new) is to either over exaggerate our movements like we are in a movie (no offense JCVD), or to not move enough thereby not transferring power correctly into our punches and kicks.   As Master was saying, it is very important for us to move, but we must also do so with purpose.  We need to know not only where the punch or kick is intended to strike, but from where we start.  If we are over exaggerating our movements we have too far to move for our next strike.  If we move to little, our strikes are ineffective.  With the Nabard Combat System, the balance in the middle of these two extremes is crucial.  Fine tuning our movements so that we are where we need to be at all times not only means we have the opportunity to be faster, but we also have the opportunity to interchange our movements between strikes, grabs, and blocks.  Therefore, Master was focusing on our range of motion today, with particular emphasis on knowing your body position and where your arms and legs are at all times.

Another focus for students must be rhythm.  As a student becomes more comfortable with their body and the movements within the Nabard Combat System, the rhythm of their strike transitions must become more consistent and quicker.  By working on rhythm and consistent transitions, a student will shorten and eventually eliminate those small gaps between strikes which allow an opponent the time to adjust and/or take over.  That is why we start with 3 strike combinations then build up to a 12+ strike combination.  Start with a small combination then keep adding to it all the while maintaining and improving the rhythm and consistency of the strikes.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Emerald Coast Power Expo

Yesterday was an exciting day.  Master Safakhoo, Phillip, Liz, Michelle and I spent the day at the Emerald Coast Power Expo (link).  Actually Master Safakhoo, Phillip, and Liz spent all day at the expo.  Michelle and I spent half a day there after leading the log training class that morning.

It was a very exciting event for all of us.  We were able to share the uniqueness and wonder of log training with people from all over.  We were demonstrating and discussing log training by giving people hands on experience and it did not matter what background or training they possessed.  Each person was wowed by the simplicity, flexibility, and applicability of our logs.  We had very muscular body builders, power lifters, MMA fighters, boxers, and generally fit people that were participants and public alike explore and use the logs.  In each case, they were amazed and wanted to know how they too could have log training in their life.  Some of the body builders even took the logs back stage and used them to pump-up prior to their stage time. 

It was truly inspiring to know that we are at the forefront of a remarkable fitness program with incredible fitness devices (our logs)!  It was also kind of cool to impress the very muscular and powerful people with our typical exercises.  There were many expressions of surprise and wonder at what Master Safakhoo has provided the world of fitness and what we are already doing at the Nabard Systems Academy.  Let's keep this momentum going and help spread the word.  How cool is it going to be when as a current student you too can say that you have been there since the beginning?

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Log Training Review (week ending 09/19/2009)

This week Master Safakhoo and I changed up the log training routines a bit. We shifted around the order in which we used the logs to bring a bit of freshness to our classes and to also present a new set of challenges to our bodies. We also introduced a few new exercises in our constant and ongoing efforts to provide an invigorating total body fitness routine.

It was nice to see our new students welcomed by existing students and smiling after their first experiences with log training. It was also nice to see existing students pushing themselves with heaver logs, longer clubs, and increased focus on proper techniques.

We are continuing to push forward with Log Training and every day we see the positive changes to our bodies and our increased fitness levels. Keep up the good work, and we will see you next week!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Nabard Fitness Systems Log Training - Hand/Log Positions

With this post I will briefly describe the unique design of the Nabard Fitness System Logs. Unlike any other fitness device, the Nabard Fitness Systems Log allows full range of motion of the body by not trapping the user within a confined machine or limited path of motion. This freedom allows the body to utilize many muscles at once.

The design of the log itself takes the engagement of muscles during an exercise to another level. The off-center handle of the long log as well the off-set or extended handle of the short logs were designed into each device so that with proper technique and grip the user utilizes many muscles at once within a given exercise. Utilizing assistor muscles in addition to the major muscle groups creates a full body exercise that cannot be achieved with standard dumbbells, barbells, and other free-weight types of devices.

When properly gripped within the hand, the user resists the rotational forces acting upon the log introduced by the off-center or off-set (extended) handles. When gripped as intended, the user maintains the positional relationship of the log relative to the hand throughout the exercise and effectively shifts the center of gravity of the log further away from the hand or further up the arm from the hand depending on the chosen position. This change in the center of gravity relative to the hand forces many muscles to act in unison throughout the exercise creating a totally engaging and revolutionary approach to exercise and fitness.

Below are images illustrating how the design of the log handles allow for multiple hand/log positions thereby allowing for the targeting of different muscle groups over the entire body.

(Thanks Phillip for the photos)

Long Log - Horizontal Position

Long Log - Vertical Position

Long Log - Horizontal Position Reverse Grip (Curl)

Short Log - Hanging Position

Short Log - Horizontal Forearm Position

Short Log - Vertical Extended Position

Short Log - Vertical Forearm Outside Position

Short Log - Vertical Forearm Inside Position