Monday, March 1, 2010

Comparisons Between Nabard Log Training and Kettle Bell Exercises - Part I

There is are a lot of sources out there for Kettle Bells and Kettle Bell training routines. While there may be some validity to the Kettle Bell and its approach, I believe that Nabard Log Training and the Nabard Logs have much more to offer when compared to the Kettle Bell as well as other exercise devices and routines. Over the next few posts I will illustrate some of the key differences with the devices themselves and the exercises in which they are used. Follow along and let me know you thoughts.

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  1. The two really couldn't seem more dissimilar. The tools could not be more different, and the kettle bell seems relatively limited (even if it is good for its purpose, which given the risk of injury, one may argue that it is not). Log Training is more inclusive, permits a greater range of motion, is safer, and works more muscle groups. Moreover, logs look cooler, especially the new fancy ones. The only thing that seems to unite kettle bells and Log Training is that both are "raw" approaches to fitness, but it seems to me that the similarities end there. But what do I know?