Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Cross Country...

In my post just a few moments ago, I failed to mention that the effects of a previous class on Monday is also having lingering effects on my body. Prior to Log training, some of us that participated in Log Training also participated in Cross Country exercises.

Cross Country in Nabard Combat entails the use of controlled kicks with weights on each leg (at the ankle) and in this case on our waists as well. Each set of kicks are marched from one end of the academy to the other at which point we turn around and repeat the exercise back to the starting end. These combination kicks are controlled and continuous all the while focusing on the muscles of the entire body to provide the balance necessary to perform the kicks with the added weight at the ankles.

Well, with Monday's Cross Country exercise Master was a little creative. We were to hold each kick with precision and purpose (not unusual in itself), then step into a deep lung/squat before continuing the kick combination. Either of these things is in itself not unsual. However Master used this approach for the entirety of the class resulting in extra "special" benefits. The additional focus on the deep lunges and squats while continuing the kick combination contributes to the Nabard student's conditioning and strength. It also helps having 10 lbs on each leg and a waist weight belt...

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